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Here are a few do's and don'ts that are VERY important if you are disposing of the contents of a home.

  1. The MOST important advise we can give you is: DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY !!! You would be quite amazed at the many "worthless" things that are sold at an on-site estate sale. Items that are broken, damaged or incomplete will be purchased by people who need them for parts or, in the case of old or antique merchandise, many buyers like to restore them. Some items that you think are trash are actually very saleable and valuable

    It makes more sense to throw out the leftovers AFTER you have a sale.
  2. Do not have a yard sale yourself. The main purpose of hiring a professional estate liquidation company is their ability to know what is valuable and what is not. The stories are legendary about the item picked up at a yard sale for next to nothing and later sold for thousands. An experienced liquidator will get a fair price for these items and if they are not familiar with the item, they have the resources to find the value.
  3. Do not sell anything to anyone before the scheduled estate sale. One big mistake people make is to have several antique dealers come by and buy a few things. After these few people buy the "best" stuff for bargain prices the estate sale company has little to advertise and attract buyers. Leaving these items for the estate sales company will produce many, many more customers to the sale. Customers who will pay more for those items and also buy other stuff from the house. The antiques community is very close, so after a few people buy from you, the whole world will think "there is nothing left in that house".
  4. Be sure you have a homeowners policy that covers the property. If the insurance is still in the name of someone who is deceased, then you're not covered! Your insurance agent will get the proper coverage.
  5. The heirs are encouraged to take memorabilia and inherited items before calling us. As the cupboards and closets are emptied, the estate service should put aside any and all items that appear to be family.
  6. Read the contract before you sign it. You should understand what they will do AND what is not included in their fee. Some will do the cleanout afterwards and some will refer you to trash services. Ask questions, and any agreement you make with them should be added or deleted from the contract. Items staying with the house (stove, fixtures, etc.) should be noted in the contract as well. Commissions and any extra fees should be decided before you sign and included in the contract.

    Beware of companies that offer their services at a very cheap commission rate. Some of these companies have a provision that all remaining items become their property at the end of the sale, they then price the better items so high that a very small amount sells and they end up with a lot of valuable items for nothing.
  7. Don't take things out of the sale after you have hired the company to sell them for you. Remember that they agreed to do the sale on commission based on what you showed them. They have the right to get a commission on the things that you remove. Make it VERY clear to relatives and friends that they must go to the sale to get items they want. And you may reimburse them if you choose.
  8. After the sale, Carstens Estate Service will choose a company who will take the leftovers at a bulk price or a charity that will take donations. You will not have to hire a cleanout company or do the dump runs yourself.
  9. If you or a relative are moving to a retirement home, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Be sure they are settled in to the new surroundings with all their favorite items before you call a service.

The situation you are faced with is traumatic enough.
We are here to assist you and handle all the details of your sale

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