About Carsten's Estate Services

What we do for you
We empty the closets, setup the displays, price, and even clean up after the sale!
You don’t do anything!

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How we operate
We use the premises to display all the furnishings, dishes, antiques, jewelry, etc.. to obtain the best price.

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Getting the right price
The right price is important, too high won’t sell, too low is detrimental. We price at fair market value to realize the most for you.
How we get the right buyer
We mail an invitation to our 850 regular customers, post pictures on two web sites,advertise in the local paper and deliver flyers locally.
After The Sale
Some items left are either sold in bulk or donated to a charity of choice. Nothing is left behind.
Getting Paid !
Within a week of the sale, we deliver an accounting of all items sold and a check for the full amount due.
Who we are
Carsten and Diane have a combined experience dealing in antiques, estates and used merchandise of over 45 years.

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Why Choose Carsten's
The client comes first and we work to obtain the best possible results. We dispose of all items so that nothing is left behind. You only need to call us!

If you have questions or would like to use our services, please contact
Carsten or Diane at (619)322-5472.
Email us at: carstensestates@cox.net